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We have more than 100 years of practical experience as engineers and managers in major companies at the forefront of world industry, where we have used successful  methods as a Tool box for Problem Solving with great success.

Solutions engine consultants CEO Rony Mann

Rony Mann Founder and CEO Expert  of  Theory of Constraints (TOC) to improve manufacturing processes, development, and reducing costs in a variety of other methods. With 30 years of professional experience in process engineering and management, product reliability and high-tech industry projects management, at Intel in Israel and in the US. Specializing in product life cycle from development to HVM (High Volume Manufacturing).
solutions engine consultants for business profitability Amir Roggel CO-Founder and CTO Systematic innovation expert  of  TRIZ method. Amir has close to 30 years of professional experience in solving problems at Intel . Amir led as a senior technologist the Technology and Manufacturing Group World systematic innovation activity in a variety of methods to improve its incorporation manufacturing processes, development, and engineering. Specializes in managing innovation processes in organizations, assimilation and their application, problem solving methods. A variety of inventions and author of four patents in the field of manufacturing and testing technologies.
solutions engine consultants triz expert

Gregory Frenklach

TRIZ expert

TRIZ and Systematic Innovation expert with about twenty five years of problem solving experience in various fields of technology like microelectronics, medical devices, precise mechanics and robotics etc.  Gregory has developed a number of TRIZ based innovation methods, software products, various training materials for managers, engineers and students and published about thirty articles in field of TRIZ, Systematic Innovation and Creative Imagination Development. He is creator of MUST (multilevel universal system thinking) unique innovation methodology.
solutions engine consultants root cause analysis expert Menachem Horev CO-Founder Menachem Horev field of expertise is in training, assimilation and consultation about systematic root cause analysis and effective learning from failures. The advanced root cause analysis methodologies RCA-HAT® and RCA-HURE® are based on his book “Root Cause Analysis in Process-Based Industries”. These methodologies are taught to engineers and team leaders in a wide variety of manufacturing industries and in academic institutes. The material is part of the advanced problem solving course in “Intel College of Engineering”. Throughout his 25 years in the semiconductor industry Mr. Horev held positions in process engineering, failure analysis, and process integration in manufacturing sites in Israel and in the technology development site at the Silicon Valley, California.