5New Product Development

Inventive solutions for breakthrough product development & Improve existing product attractiveness 

New product development

  • Reduce cost of  NPD (New Product Development)
  • Early product launch – fast Time to Market

Improvement of existing product attractiveness

  • Adapting existing product to new and diverse markets
  • Improvement of product quality and reliability

New product development services:

Training for Managers and Engineers:

  • Inventive thinking introduction seminar 2-8 hours
  • Inventive thinking for Product Development  basic – 20 hours; Advanced – 40 hours (total 60 hours)
  • Product Cost Reduction introduction seminar 2-8 hours
  • Product Cost Reduction methods  basic – 16  hours; Advanced – 16 hours (total 32 hours)

Workshops for Managers and Engineers (duration determined per needs):

Support development team on:

  • Concept development phase
  • Product development phase
  • Post development phase – transfer to high volume manufacturing (HVM)
  • Production phase – product improvement

Assimilation of inventive product development capability in the organization

Bonus  2 hours for project support via internet for every two days of purchased workshop – included free of charge

Work process diagram for new product development:

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