Establish Innovation System for organization

Establish Systematic Business Innovation system

Innovation system must be integrated into the organization and be coordinated with the organization’s culture and management culture.

The Innovation system role is to support the needs and activities at various levels in the organization.

Business Innovation System goals:

Increase overall profitability (top management level) through the removal of constraints avoiding the organization from achieving more of its goal, for example – cost reduction programs, setting new market strategy, removing barriers to quality through implementation of quality program in innovative ways.

Improving of Programs and Projects performance (Program managers level) through the use of innovative tools for managing projects to achieve the project objectives: meeting the program requirements, schedule, and resources.

Improve daily operation (operation level) by providing systematic tools for employees to diagnose and solve problems quickly as a way of life.

Components of a Business Innovation system (the innovation Engine):

Establish Innovation capability for the organization through tools and methods to solve problems and improve processes in an innovative way: diagnosis and analysis processes and systems problems and solutions in a creative, individual and team abilities, practices, management ideas.

Establish innovation infrastructure: ideas management system, defining roles in the organization and management of innovation, system metrics and continuous improvement of the system of innovation.

Motivating the organization to innovation – building commitment and administrative support and marketing in the organization, culture, innovation, transport innovation, system innovation and achievement rewards.

Stages of establishing a system of innovation:

Preparations for the establishment of the system:

- View Topic Business Innovation management senior executives

- Familiarity with the company, areas, sites, key

- Setting business goals of innovation for each area of activity

- Set the innovation system and application software

Application and system construction

Implementing the system