Tool box

Tool box with Successful Methods is your ONLY option

Solutions Engine problem solving tool box contains the following successful methods for problem solving in businesses and organizations. TOC TRIZ Guided brainstorming  Root Cause Analysis  We choose the best tool for each case we are working on. We developed at Solutions Engine  unique processes combining TOC, TRIZ and additional elements. This processes support complex problems solving, production cost reduction, advanced waste elimination, product development and profitability strategy.  When you intend to solve a problem ask yourself:

Do I understand the right problem?

Do I define the problem correctly?

Am I intending to solve a root cause or just a symptom of a bigger problem?

Does my solution create a new problem somewhere else?

Is my solution sustainable? 

We treat a problem within a bigger system. Before “solving” a problem we must understand the system where the problem resides.

To answer the above questions we provide you state of the art methods to map the system, identify the root cause problems and create win win solutions. We will guide your expert team to reach the best solution.