Guided Brainstorming

Guided Brainstorming

Guided Brainstorming is an innovative method to gain high yield of ideas. We use Guided Brainstorming as part of the business innovation system.

During Brainstorming session the new ideas are ended about 10 minutes from start. By using the Guided Brainstorming process and software you will reach high yield ideas.

Guided Brainstorming process and SW tool lead the participants through the inventive principles of TRIZ. The team needs 2 hours training session and is ready to go.

The Inventive Principles are a part of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving created by Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues. You may be familiar with some of the principles, as you have probably used them or seen them in your daily life. The table of 30 principles is also in the Guided Brainstorming Companionsoftware.

The process for Guided Brainstorming: We start with team training of 2 hours on the software with the 30 principles. Than we divide the team to couples. Each couple use one laptop with the Guided Brainstorming SW for 2 hours session.

We evaluate the results and conclude the session with robust ideas after another hour.

Advantages of this method:

1. On regular Brainstorming session there are always dominant participants and non dominant participants, Guided Brainstorming session is done by couples where all participants are dominant and contributing to generate ideas.

2. The use of the 30 inventive principles leads to robust ideas that are  based on the accumulated worldwide experience.

Total process time: one working day.