RCA-HURE™ Root Cause Analysis – Human Related Events

One of the main reasons for placing an automatic control system in a complex work environment is to prevent human related failures. Still, people frequently play a significant role in causing a failure that ends with a severe economic or environmental damage and sometimes even involves a loss of life. While studying such an event the superficial conclusion that the problem was caused by “Human error” is not adequate, and there is a need to continue and learn the causes that brought the person to err. Understanding the human factors that are involved in an undesirable event enables to provide the correct response for preventing reoccurring events. The training material provides insight about the basic reasons that cause a person to fail and clarifies the necessary elements that should be covered in event learning. The methodology is easy to learn and simple to apply. The learning process begins from the conclusion that a human is indeed involved in the event generation all the way down to understanding the contributing factors, classifying the event, and defining the most appropriate corrective actions.