Root Cause Analysis RCA-HAT™

Root Cause Analysis - Hierarchical & Analytical Thinking for Process-Based industries

A delay in identification of the real cause to a process problem in a manufacturing line means a loss of production material and revenue. In the research and development phase of a product or a system, an unknown problematic symptom may lead to a delay or even halt the whole project. These kinds of problems may cause to a damaged company reputation or to a loss of market share. Therefore, swift identification of the causes of a problem in a process, a product or a machine is highly important. The intuitive approach is not adequate for solving complex problems and therefore a systematic approach with a structured way of thinking and a set of tools is needed. In “Hierarchical & Analytical Thinking” the process of Root Cause Analysis is divided into three sub-stages: A. Problem Characterization  B. Model (hypothesis) Building  C. Model validation. The methodology is based on scientific discovery principals on the one hand and known tools for engineering-systems evaluation on the other. The required thinking process for each of the above stages is clearly explained and a set of simple, yet efficient tools lead to a coherent investigation process. Note: Specific technology topics are not delivered in this training (Metallurgy, Chemistry, Physics, statistics, Microscopy, Failure Analysis, non-destructive-testing, etc.)