TRIZ for Problem Solving

What is TRIZ and how it helps solve problems better:

TRIZ is a theory, a way of thinking and a methodology to improve system by solving its problems inventively.

TRIZ recognizes a problem as a system – “system thinking”. Technical systems evolve towards increased ideality, which is achieving more (functionality) with less (resources). The “ideality thinking” helps us image the ideal solution. To advance systems in this direction we identify conflicting and contradicting requirements and apply inventive principles for a win-win – “contradiction thinking”. During the process we identify and expose hidden resources in the system or nearby it and apply them to the solution “resource thinking”. This makes the solution more practical, faster to implement and of a less cost, hence more innovative.   

TRIZ was developed by the Russian inventor and author Genrich Altshuller, based on his extensive patent analysis when worked in the patent office of the Russian fleet.

Altshuller codified general rules of how engineering systems evolve and progress. He articulated common general principles of inventive solutions he found across industries and developed thinking algorithm of how to apply them to a specific situation. This “extract” of mankind inventive thinking knowledge is used today by multiple corporations and taught in universities across the world. More detailed on TRIZ

At Solutions Engine we have developed a concise process (thinking algorithm) to solve problems inventively using the best of TRIZ tools. Furthermore, using our MUST™ meta-method we overcame the methodical problem solving barrier between technical and human systems: we “married” TRIZ thinking and TOC thinking (TOC – Theory Of constraints). TOC thinking focuses on improving organizations and businesses (human systems). Our TOCTRIZ© process enable all types of organizations to solve inventively problems in systems where there are conflicting requirements.