Creative workshops Israel

Creative workshops in Israel

Innovative – creative workshops meant to achieve a specific solution. On workshops, Solutions Engine experts guide the customer’s experts on solving specific problem or working on specific issue. It could be a technical problem, product development, improve existing product or lead strategic session.

During the workshops we use Solutions Engine’s unique process for problem solving. This process combines tools from our Tool box . 

Workshops length: at least one day.

We provide the following workshops:

Production Cost Reduction up to 30% 

Participants: Managers; Production and Engineering teams (duration determined per needs):

  • Improvement of production yield
  • Improvement of equipment run rate
  • Improvement of Equipment availability, utilization and reliability
  • Improvement of Production Processes
  • Human performance improvement
  • Waste elimination

New product development

Participants: Managers and development team members

  • Concept development phase – Lead brainstorming for inventive concept. Use unique Solutions Engine process and tools
  • Product development phase – Expedite product development, use Solutions Engine tool box
  • Post development phase – transfer to high volume manufacturing (HVM)
  • Production phase – product improvement

Existing product improvement

Participants: Managers, development team members, operation

  • Improve existing products attractiveness
  • Identify new markets for existing products
Inventive Problem Solving

Participants:  Managers and Engineers (duration determined per needs)

  • Improve Systems quality, reliability and productivity performance
  • Reduce development and production cost
Strategy for Profitability

Participants:  Managers

  • Create company strategy for profitability